Cravats & Ties

We have everything to complete your wedding outfit including waistcoats, shirts, cummerbunds, cuff-links, handkerchiefs, shoes, top hats, and of course cravats and ties. With a huge variety of colours to choose from, and a colour matching service second-to-none, you can be sure that you will find the perfect colour accessores to match your wedding theme.

Below is a selection of the colours you can choose from:

Cravats & Ties - Reds
Cravats & Ties - Pinks
Cravats & Ties - Purples
Cravats & Ties - Blues
Cravats & Ties - Greys
Cravats & Ties - Grey / Blues
Cravats & Ties - Golds
Cravats & Ties - Browns
Cravats & Ties - Silvers

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