Kilts & Highlandwear

Kilts & Highlandwear

Highland Wear has always been about making a bold statement. Today, the choice available means that an outfit can be personalised to make sure it speaks volumes about you and the way you look. Whether you are a stickler for tradition or determined to be individual, there is a look that's right for you. Ultimately, it's about wearing what you are comfortable with, and having fun!

If you are looking for a special kilt, or want to wear a particular Scottish, Irish, or Welsh tartan from the wide range that is available to you, then Dickies Suit Hire is the place for you.


  • Kilt Hire | Scottish Spirit Tartan Scottish Spirit
  • Kilt Hire | Help for Heros Tartan Help For Heroes
  • Kilt Hire | Spirit of Bannockburn Tartan Spirit of Bannockburn
  • Kilt Hire | Royal Stewart Tartan Royal Stewart
  • Kilt Hire | Hunting Stewart Tartan Hunting Stewart
  • Kilt Hire | Ben Lomond Tartan Ben Lomond
  • Kilt Hire | Black Spirit Tartan Black Spirit
  • Kilt Hire | Grey Spirit Tartan Grey Spirit
  • Kilt Hire | Blue Spirit Tartan Blue Spirit
  • Kilt Hire | Irish National Tartan Irish National
  • Kilt Hire | Scotlands National Tartan Scotlands National
  • Kilt Hire | Welsh National Tartan Welsh National
  • Kilt Hire | Spirit of Scotland Tartan Spirit of Scotland
  • Kilt Hire | Flower of Scotland Tartan Flower of Scotland
  • Kilt Hire | Black Watch Tartan Black Watch
  • Kilt Hire | Dress Gordon Tartan Dress Gordon
  • Kilt Hire | Modern Douglas Tartan Modern Douglas
  • Kilt Hire | Modern Robertson Tartan Modern Robertson

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